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Clone officiel du projet LdapSaisie

Updated 3 days ago

Check upgrade script for Roundcube Webmail

Updated 5 days ago

Simple test CAS client application

Updated 2 weeks ago

My python libs to handle common tasks

Updated 2 weeks ago

Tool to force update memberOf attributes of users on OpenLDAP directory using memberOf overlay.

Updated 3 months ago

Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Status

Updated 5 months ago

Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Usage

Updated 5 months ago

Icinga/Nagios plugin to check Clamav daemon

Updated 5 months ago

Script & Icinga/Nagios plugin to check OpenLDAP syncrepl replication

Updated 7 months ago

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Icinga/Nagios plugin to check MDB database

Updated 7 months ago

Nagios plugin to check slapd schema

Updated 8 months ago

OpenLDAP tool to check CRC32 of LDIF files of slapd.d directory

Updated 10 months ago

Check plugin for Icinga/Nagios to validate expiration date of a X509 SSL certificate file using OpenSSL

Updated 11 months ago

Nagios plugin to check PostgreSql Streaming Replication

Updated 11 months ago

Asterisk PicoTTS lib without conference menu AGI example

Updated 1 year ago